Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conversion of St. Paul

There was no horse. Whenever we picture the moment of St. Paul's conversion, we talk about him being knocked off his horse. Artists throughout history have depicted him on a horse. But read the actual passage and you will discover that there is no horse. But perhaps it is his "high horse" he is being knock off of.

I think about what it must be like for moms and dads to have that first child. To be sure it has to be an awesome experience. But this new human needs everything done for them, and more so, they cannot communicate their wants and needs. There is this frustration and anxiety, and maybe even a little fear. It certainly makes one humble. A parent will need to reach out for help and will realize their limitations and weaknesses.

To experience Christ Paul maybe needed a bit of humility, to understand his weakness, and dependence on God and others. Once Paul understood that he was not in control he was more able to take note of the graces and blessings that God had given to him.

The opening prayer of the Liturgy today prays for the gift of the spirit in our lives. As a pastor type person, I can see where in the Church we need more Spirit, humility, and even humanness. I have met with married couples who are hyper-organized for the wedding day, but I realize they haven't a clue as to what awaits them. For all of us there is a need of conversion and discipleship.

And really, this is not just a one time deal. On our journey we are going to have a lot of conversions and revelations. It takes a lot of prayer and meditation. It is important to be attentive to the movement of the spirit in our lives on a daily basis. Even in simple ways, "What is God calling me to do today."

If you ever get a chance read, "Seven Story Mountain," by Thomas Merton. It gives a powerful example of conversion and discipleship. God bless you with peace today.

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