Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension. I was sharing with our seventh graders the other day, the image of weaving fabric from navel lint. They were utterly disgusted. I like that image though. Nothing speaks more profoundly of being self-absorbed than staring at ones navel.

The Disciples have been instructed about the journey they are about. Not only does Jesus explain the cross to them, but demonstrates it to them as well. As St. Will describe today, Jesus is our great high priest who continues to intercede on our behalf. The challenge for us though is to move beyond ourselves into the world with the gospel message we have received.

At the ritual of ordination the priest is given the chalice with the direction to know what you are celebrating, and to imitate the mystery you celebrate. This is not a bad reflection for any of us. The journey we take is not always a gentle one. It cannot be done looking heavenward all of the time. Our vision is of the Kingdom, but we walk with our brothers and sisters on this the journey of faith.

Jesus intercedes for us, already having poured out the spirit of truth upon us. Our faith draws us evermore closely into an intimate relation with God and God's people. We do not stare into the heavens, but proclaim our faith in everything we have seen and heard.

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