Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Stewardship Leader

The theme for the National Catholic Education Association conference this year is, Leadership, Direction, Service. Educators are servant leaders in a variety of means. "Whoever welcomes a child ..." For generations educators have welcomed and guided children into adulthood. Some of our H.S. seniors are thinking about going into teaching. Each of them can recount a favorite teacher as well as something unique that teacher did for them. Catholic teachers of course have the added responsibility of teaching through the prism of our catholic faith tradition. In the catholic schools we want to help the children understand the wonders of God's creation, through math, science, the study of cultures and experience of art and music, and religion. Teachers are the ones who help children grow in understanding and an appreciation of all that is around them. The teacher can help nurture a sense of awe in the child. In matters of faith, the mom and dad are the first teachers of faith. From the moment they show their child how to make the sign of the cross, throughout their lives the parents will teach by word and example how we love God and others. Moms and dads tend to the garden of their home life through their spiritual tilling and weeding. The home becomes a springboard out into the world. In the end, Leadership is a gift and a ministry in the Church. In the realm of Stewardship it becomes a way in which we take responsibility for our faith. Jesus reminded the disciples as he washed their feet that this action is something that we need to do for one another. Leaders in the Church take the Paschal Mystery seriously and lead under the auspice of the cross. While this might be easy for people on the liturgy or R.E. committee to understand, it is much more difficult for buildings and grounds people to grasp this concept. Good parish leaders follow the way of the Teacher, Jesus Christ. They become active learners and direct their efforts to the One who has made and sustained us. It is a wonderful ministry that continues to grow the Church.

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  1. The great Oprah Winfrey says that everyone, no matter their occupation, ought to be teachers.