Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bread of Life

Today during our staff meeting is was announced that the AC on the first level was down, and would require some major repairs. We on the second level could not understand the concern. Just open some windows and turn on the fans. In a few months it will be cool again. For the life of us we couldn't understand why this would be a problem.

In the Acts of the Apostles this week, we have been reading about St. Stephen the Martyr. Stephen is an outstanding man with an intense compassion and zeal for the Gospel. His care of the of the widows and of the poor is most noted. In the earlier chapters of the Acts of the Apostles it was mentioned that the community came together to share in the Eucharistic meal, and the house where they worship shook with the spirit. Pretty powerful stuff.

Stephen experienced this moment as a springboard to love and serve the Lord. He did this through his service of the poor and anawin, and of his proclamation of the Gospel. Disciples of Jesus are able to resonate with the suffering and desperation of the poor and broken. To have the compassion of Jesus is really a gift. I remember watching a man walk over a cane of an old woman who had just dropped it. Sometimes it is easy to forget the basic tenets of love and mercy. I think it was on T.V. where one of the characters commented that charity is the work of priests and nuns.

The Eucharist certainly keeps us focused on the center of our faith. The mystery we celebrate on the altars of our Church are repeated whenever we do Christ things in our life. Do this in memory of me. There are so many opportunities to share Good News and to make present the Paschal Mystery. It is not all theology and book stuff. It really is the basic care and concern for each other.

St Stephen died proclaiming the Gospel and making sure that folks knew that God loved them. He would not back down from his faith or commitment to the Gospel. Hopefully the bread we break never becomes stale or ordinary. May our faith life cause us to jump up and down with joy when we eat the bread of life and stoop down to wash each others feet. (and we should probably fix the AC for the lower level too)

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