Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saint Eusebius

Saint Eusebius is little known saint, who lived during the Third Century. A bishop and martyr, he experienced death because he defended the teachings of Saint Athanasius, another bishop/martyr. During the early Church it was a difficult task to remain true to the teachings of the Church, and of course to sacred scripture. Living a virtuous life in a secular and pagan society was grounds for scorn, ridicule, and even death in some cases. Of course today one's name is mis-spoken and blasphemed on talk shows and on the Internet.

Just as it was in the early Church it is absolutely essential that we are connected to what is true and good. Today's readings include an admonition that when we engage in wrongful actions, allow fear and anxiety to hobble us, to seek our own cause as opposed to that of God, then our lives begin to break apart. Sin and confusion can lead us quite easily from what we ought to be as God's holy people.

I guess I should not be amazed, but it is overwhelming to read on message boards and the like the various misunderstandings of the Church specifically, and Christianity in general. As I have mentioned before, when movies and television portray priests and women religious, they show a vesture worn long before the late sixties. Their depth of knowledge is lacking any meaningful or credible understanding of the teachings of Christ, and his Church.

We experience healing and peace when we are connected to the grace and blessings that our God offers us through Jesus Christ. Conversion and discipleship is an ongoing process by which we continue to pronounce our faith, and seek healing and reconciliation where it is needed. What is the one line of that song, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.' It really is an ongoing struggle and time of seeking. We want to find peace and solace, and the kingdom, rather than meanness and a hardened heart.

We stand firm in the faith in which we have been planted. We cannot shy away from the cross because that is where we will find healing and new life.

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  1. Seek Ye First is such a beautiful hymn.

    You are right about the internet, it is such a place for vitrolic attacks.