Sunday, July 24, 2011

The kingdom of Heaven is ...

Remember back in the 70s there was that one frame illustration entitled, "Love is?" We were to reflect that love is never having to say you are sorry, or is sharing something nice with another, or even complimenting someone else. Matthew is finishing up a series of sayings in regards to the Kingdom of Heaven. Using basic everyday examples Jesus tells us that he Kingdom of heaven is very much like a mustard seed, a woman kneading dough, and a fine pearl of great price. Partly this is Matthew's theology of understanding that the Kingdom is in the future, but it is also deeply rooted in our hearts today.

Matthew begins his Gospel (more or less) with the Beatitudes. Blessed are the meek, humble, peacemakers, and those who suffer for the sake of the Kingdom of God. By living the virtues expressed in this series of sayings, we begin to uncover the Kingdom of Heaven. More to the point of today's Gospel, if we are to possess the treasure offered by God's Kingdom then we have to be able to take radical steps in our relationship with God, and others, so as to possess this valuable entity. Remember that Jesus tells the rich young man to go and sell all that he has, and to come and follow him. The disciples are called away from their lifestyles to be His permanent followers. And Jesus makes it clear that we have to take up a cross in order to be his followers.

St. Paul states that our participation in the Kingdom of God is beyond the celebration of the common meal within the Christian community. It is also a matter of reconciliation and forgiveness, peace-making, charity, and chastity. The Gospels reiterate the truth that as we engage in holy works, we begin to discover the holiness of God.

The journey is as important as the actual possession of the treasure. Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven makes us ready to receive the grace and blessings of God our Father, through Jesus Christ. The treasure though invites us to a radical choice to give up and throw out the yuck and gunk of life, so as to possess what is truly valuable and precious in God's eyes. Take Lord, receive ... your love and your grace are enough for me.

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