Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ss Joachim and Ann

At Mass on Sunday one of my servers felt dizzy and sat down very hard. One of the other servers went over, without any fanfare, and took his place while keeping watch over the stricken server, about three years his junior. I was impressed with how quickly this young man stepped into this situation to help. Making sure that the younger boy was okay and maintaining the decorum of the Liturgy.

If you knew the older servers parents' there would be no surprise in his actions. His parents are good people who live their faith very publicly. I do not mean in a holy-go-pious manner, but their care and respect of others is most evident, as is maintaining a sense of integrity and dignity at all times. They know that they cannot walk by a mess without in some way offering assistance. And their children have learned this lesson as well.

The Profession of Faith is a very public matter. Too often in religion today we try to make our conscience a private matter. Our culture tends to push the 'Lone Ranger' mentality. In the Scriptures today Moses speaks to God in respect to all of the people. Jesus teaches that evil doers will have a difficult time at the end of the age. In the end our orientation and direction in and about the community is mostly important. While we are good people the question needs to be raised for us as to how we have served God's people.

Mary in her unconditional 'Yes' recognizes what God has done for all peoples throughout the generations. She confidently gives an affirmative reply because she recognizes God's faithfulness. Moreso she knows that this faith is not just about her; it is about all of God's people. One can only imagine that she came to that understanding partly because of how she was raised. She had heard the stories of faith around the family table. The commands of God were not merely hanging on a wall someplace in the house, but lived in the daily relationships with family and friends.

The Church teaches how important it is that the family and home become a place of catechesis and evangelization. The domestic Church is where the act of praying is first learned, as are the introduction to faith and morals. By preparing our young ones for the Mystery of Faith, and reflecting that same Mystery in the home, we help our children understand their connection to the faith community, and the community which is all of God's people.

It is amazing how at Mass we can hear about how we need to be God's holy people, and are even given the opportunity to put it into practice. Our prayer is as always, May the godd things that God has begun in you be brought into perfection.

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