Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan

The images of the devastation from the earthquake this past weekend are absolutely awful. The more I listen to the news, the more I realize how overwhelming the damage and death were. When all is said and done there could easily be 10,000 deaths.

Events like this remind me of how frail we really are. The earth shifts and lives are set in turmoil. It is hard to imagine the helpless feeling. Which psalm is it that declares, Only in God is my soul at rest. The image that we are like the grass which withers and fades is most true.

On one of the message boards I frequent the question was raised as to whether the Church would help. The implication was that the Church has vast amounts of wealth and should do something to help. Silliness in the midst of tragedy. I am very impressed that the world has responded as it has. If we could spend one days worth of war on helping Japan, that country can get back up on its feet.

Over the coming months our thoughts and prayers will certainly be with our brothers and sisters in Japan. Certainly it will be years before everything is right again. I truly believe that through God's grace, and faith-filled peoples, they will be on their way to healing and peace again.

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