Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say 'No' to federal funded abortion

Mr. Richard Doerflinger, the USCCB Secretariat on Pro-Life Activities, recently testified before the Senate Judicial Committee, on making the ban against Federally funded abortions. During recent health care discussions, and during legislative sessions in regards to the health care law, it was assumed that there are already adequate rules and procedures which preclude federal funds being used for abortion. Mr. Doerflinger points out that this is not the case.

Presently the law, especially legislation connected to the Hyde Amendment, contains exceptions and is narrow in its scope. Some of the present medical assistance programs would continue to allow abortions using federal monies, in particular through medicaid and programs to assist the poor. Part of the Pro-abortion discussion has been that the lack of available abortive services would affect those who live in poverty, and victims of rape and incest. The latter categories account for less than 1% of all pregnancies.

As long as we make decisions based on emotion and hype, we will find our pathway to a Pro-life Congress, and a society, all the more difficult. John Paul II referred to ours as a culture of death. As I have mentioned before, some fifteen years ago, while at a conference, a speaker had mentioned that when abortion becomes easy and readily available, so will aborting children with birth defects, or allowing infants to die who have some sort of abnormality. And we have already seen this.

To be sure it is important to pray for the respect of all human life, at all stages of life. But it is not a bad idea to contact our legislators and share with them our thoughts and concerns. More so we want to pass on to our children the importance to respect and respond to the dignity and value of life. Teaching charity and chastity are important values to convey to the next generation. This might be a good Lenten practice.

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