Thursday, March 24, 2011

Invisible Children come to St. Mary

This weekend we will have a video presentation and talk about and by the 'invisible children.' Presently in the African nation of Congo, as well as many other parts of the continent, civil war has been going on for centuries. This causes refugees, food and water problems, and the abuse and violence against men and women. One little known fact is that children are being recruited to fight in these wars. Children as young as ten who should be playing soccer and learning math, are solders in a seemingly unending war.

As we read the story of Lazarus in Today's gospel, we are reminded to be aware of the beggars who sit at our gates. If you remember the story the rich man did nothing to harm the poor man, but neither did he act to alleviate his suffering. The stories are these young people is sad and sobering. But there is hope for these children and for the peoples of Africa. The more that we are aware of their plight, the more we will be able to speak on their behalf.

I am reminded often of St. Paul's analogy of the body. As one body if one part hurts, the entire body hurts. When we begin to call attention to the situation these children live in, then hopefully there can be transformation and healing. Blessed is that man or woman who gives a drink to a thirsty person simply because they are a disciple of mine.

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