Friday, March 19, 2010

Solemnity of St Joseph

This morning I preached about being open to the extraordinary in the ordinary events of life. I always find the stories from folks who have directed RCIA, Ministry of Care, Hospitality, or some other parish ministry, for ten, fifteen, or even twenty years. Usually the story begins with how Father asked them to "take care" of an area for a little while. Years later they were still in the same ministry. It is amazing how our lives change after we say 'Yes.' I think that a lot of times we are not always aware of the implications of following our call, and the life-changing events that come with it.

How could Joseph ever imagine a vision of angels, or even being part of the salvific plan of God. And yet it is his trust in God, as well as his belief that God is always present to us as a source of strength and courage, that allows him to say 'Yes.' Of course in Luke's Gospel we have that beautiful text of Mary's proclamation. "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord." Persons of deep faith can perceive and understand the grace and blessing of God.

I often think about the young married couples who walk down the aisle. They cannot fathom what lies ahead of them. In marriage they say yes to God and each other, and will need to continue to pronounce their 'Amen.' It is no different in priesthood. I often think of the day more than seven years ago when Bishop Doran suggested I go to DeKalb. Like Joseph it is important to have faith and trust in God's word, and believe that God is really in charge.

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